Based in heart of European Union, Lithuania, Kontaras is highly specialized in developing and integrating e-commerce business solutions.  Our areas of core competence are e-commerce, fin-tech and e-services development and implementation with international contracts in regions spanning Europe, the United States and Asia. 


While our headquarters is located in Lithuania, our operations are global – from Baltic and Nordic countries in Europe to Asian countries, including Singapore, China, the Philippines, and Brunei.


Kontaras is composed of professionals with expertise in different areas and at least 20 years of experience in the market of information technology services. Each of our core team members has many years of field experience in the European market, as well as in Asia and the United States.


We are proud of our completed projects and the success of our clients and partners who have trusted us with the implementation of their ideas and projects.


In the context of the New Silk Road concept, in which Asian goods are traded to the West and advanced technologies are sent in the opposite direction, Kontaras aims to deliver key services to its tech industry partners. Becoming their trusted advisors is our main goal, providing them with solutions to reduce the risks of worldwide expansion.


With each country’s unique characteristics, we design innovative business strategies which circumvent the typical prototypes and reiterations. Our team is dedicated to thoroughly studying each region's markets, while establishing a reliable network of local partners and personal connections. This approach has us ready to offer clients customized strategies developed exclusively for their needs.


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