EasyBuilder.Pro is an online website-building application specifically designed to enable non-IT professionals to create online presence for their small and medium businesses quickly and at low cost. Through this Website’s drag-and-drop feature, anyone can build their own Website in a few minutes.


Variety of ready-to-go templates, payment and delivery features gives a unique opportunities for your business for online presence faster and easier than ever before.


That is the truely easiest way to create your website. 

Websites Building Platform

Document and Process Management 

Kontaras have a strategic parnership with M-Files, which is a content and document management solution that solves the problems of finding, managing, and sharing information and data.


M-Files not only enables your business to easily find what you need across any repository or system, but also enriches and re-purposes the information located anywhere without disrupting existing systems and processes.  


We are proud to be an award winning M-Files Partner. Combined with our  team that cover a range of valued services, we are able to offer  high-quality Information Management Solutions that enable clients to meet their business objectives through the use of the M-Files technology. We have built our reputation on making sure that we get things done and providing the highest levels of customer service. 

Online contractor onboarding and Management 

Parnership with easyboarding.pro, which is online contractor and subcontractor onboarding and management solution that solves the problems of managing and digitalize onboarding processes.


Solution is designed to manage any kind of contractor onboarding process. From simple questionnaire form to sophisticated applications with multistep approval process. easyboarding.pro team combines its experience and newest application technologies to build tailored solutions to simplify onboarding process and make it friendly